Ashby Ponds Pickleball Club
Wednesday at Galilee UMC: 12 - 2 pm
Great Oak Banquet Room: Contact Lou or Roy

Welcome Ashby Ponds Residents
If you are looking for an addition to your health exercise program, join us in playing this enjoyable paddle & ball game.

​We play on Wednesday afternoons in the gym at the Galilee United Methodist Church in Sterling, VA. Scroll down to see the directions to the Church.  We also play on Sunday at 1 pm in the Great Oaks banquet room.  

Play is currently limited to residents of the Ashby Ponds Community in Ashburn, VA, and members of Galilee UMC in Sterling, VA.
What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a paddle/ball game played on a doubles badminton size court with the net at ground level - like tennis.  It has been said that the game is named after the family dog "Pickles" who would chase after errant balls and then reluctantly give them up. The game is played until 11 points with 2 single players, or 4 doubles players.  The ball is served underhanded diagonally across the court.  After an initial bounce on both sides, the ball may be returned to a spot anywhere on the opposing court before, or after, a bounce. Teams only score points when they are serving.  The game is fun and a good exercise, but not overly strenuous.

Directions to Galilee UMC:

Leave Ashby Ponds and turn left on Gloucester Parkway.  Go straight on Gloucester, past Route 28 North, then bare left into the left turn lanes for Atlantic Blvd North (there's a sign).  Turn left on Atlantic Blvd and continue straight going past Route 7 signs.  After passing a light with signs that say "No Turns" get in the left turn lane.  Make a left at the traffic light onto Winding Road. Continue straight on Winding Road until a left at the stop sign at Lakeside Drive. Make the next right into the Galilee UMC property and park.  Enter the gym through the doors on the left side of the facing building.

For more info please about playing at the Galilee UMC
call me at 571-442-8373
or email me at:
Thanks,   Joe Mihm    RR221

Play at Ashby Ponds

We also play in the Banquet Room in the Great Oak Clubhouse. Play is open to all Ashby Ponds Residents and Guests (no particular skills required). Paddles and balls are available for use in the Banquet Room.

Usually the room will be setup for play from Thursdays to Mondays.  Roy Murphy and Lou Rodriguez are in contact with the Banquet Room staff and will notify those on the mailing list about the availability of the room.  They are also there to give instructions, and tips, on playing this enjoyable sport.  Please get on their mailing list by emailing Roy or Lou.

Roy Murphy at:
Lou Rodriguez at: